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Raise the Roof Through Partnership

Driving Growth in Residential Roofing by Partnership

With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we aim to create a world-class platform of premier residential roofing and exterior services brands, serving growing geographies across the United States.

Skyline Roofing Partners Seeks to Build Partnerships for the Benefit of


We prioritize our people and foster a collaborative environment


Homeowners know they can count on us to keep their best interest at heart

Business Owners​

We value direct and honest relationships, placing value on our reputation above all else

About us

Climbing the Roofing Business Ladder Together

Admired Platform

We value our relationship with our partners by living up to promises

Brand Reputation

Comprised of owners who believe in the continued growth of their business and maintaining their strong reputation

Optimized Branches

Continue to recognize and implement process improvements to increase organic growth in the business

Why Partner with Us?

Wealth Creation

Get paid for your hard work and continue your legacy if the right succession plan hasn’t presented itself

Accelerate Your Growth

Expedite growth using our capital and leveraging our expertise building businesses

National Network

Collaborate with partners across the country

Our Support


Leverage scale to negotiate favorable agreements


Standardized training and career development programs to attract top talent


Well-financed marketing budget with senior expertise


Access to technology suite to improve operations and drive efficiencies

Continued Investment

Focused on investing in our people and our businesses to help them grow

M&A Capabilities

Experienced M&A team finding quality businesses to partner with and grow your presence

Meet our CEO,
Dan Reed

We are led by Dan Reed, a proven roofing executive and best-in-class operator with an exceptional track record in the residential roofing industry. Former CEO of ANGI Roofing (dba Total Home Roofing), where he grew the business to one of the largest residential roofing contractors in the country.
  • Extensive background in acquisitions and strong operational expertise makes him an ideal partner for business owners looking for growth and value creation
  • Embodies Skyline’s commitment to partnership and excellence

Selling Process?
45 - 90 days

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At Skyline Roofing Partners, we are committed to delivering excellence in all that we do, and we look forward to exploring a partnership with you.